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Zodiac Signs That Are Terrible At Relationships


You made plans without your boyfriend, seemed surprised when he called as if you expected him to ghost you, and never showed any interest in a normal relationship.


You take so long to verify someone's suitability for a relationship that they give up and decide it's not worth the effort.


If someone better came along, you didn't want to be stuck with them. What if you were already in a relationship when you found the one?


He was up front and informed you that he wasn't looking for a serious commitment, but you still thought things might change after he got to know you.


You made the courageous and healthy choice to quit the relationship because you are too busy to waste time on almosts and not good enough.


It's possible that matters can be reconciled in the future if you two cross paths again, but for the time being, it's better that you go your separate ways.


You two were so worried about offending one another that you weren't acting naturally.


In the beginning, things heated up quickly, but eventually, they fizzled out.


Your almost-relationship didn't last long before it started to feel confining. You value your autonomy and like to be untethered from other people whenever possible.


You had no time to go see him, period. You were too preoccupied to do more than send the occasional text.


You two never really had any alone time. You always preferred to hang out with your pals in a group rather than as a couple.


You assumed he knew how you felt and what you wanted without telling him. He concluded you wanted to be buddies from your behavior and acted accordingly.

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