Worst Fast-Food Desserts on the Planet


Consider fruit-based options. Checkers' banana milkshake has less calories but more sugar than comparable desserts.

Checkers Banana Milkshake

Dessert is usually sweet. Imagine your surprise when you see how much sodium a Whataburger cinnamon bun has. 1,200 mg is ridiculous.

Whataburger Cinnamon Roll

This Chick-fil-A milkshake is roughly as caloric as two Grilled Chicken Sandwiches. Consider that.

Chick-fil-A Cookies
& Cream

Regular-size McDonald's McFlurry ice cream includes 83 grammes of sugar. It's calorie-dense, too. Nope.

McDonald's M&M McFlurry

Bacon adds calories, fat, and salt to everything, but Five Guys' bacon milkshake also has sugar. This dish is terrible.

Five Guys Bacon Milkshake with Whipped Cream

Burger King's chocolate Oreo shake contains more calories and sugar than the Original Chicken Sandwich. Scary!

Burger King Chocolate Oreo Shake

The Oreo Peanut Butter Shake is Sonic's most popular frozen dessert. 1,700 calories, 1,000 mg sodium, and 107 g sugar are nothing to brag about.

Sonic Oreo Peanut Butter Shake

Since it contains fruit, a banana split may look healthy. Don't give in! Culver's sundae includes 1,300 calories, 74 grammes of fat, and 124 grammes of sugar.

Culver's Banana Split

Arby's Jamocha Shake combines chocolate and coffee. It's a tasty combo, but don't overindulge. Because it's simple to drink?

Arby's Jamocha Shake

A&W's Polar Swirl is a classic, but avoid the 20-ounce M&M taste. 162 grammes of sugar is unacceptable. If you order this, share it with many loved ones.

A&W Polar Swirl, M&M

This frozen delight contains more calories than a six-piece chicken strip basket, which has 1,300 calories.

Dairy Queen Brownie Dough Blizzard

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