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World's Shocking Top Favorite Pizza Topping

Chicken and Ham

Chicken and ham, the two most popular protein options, tied for first with 53% of the vote.

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Pepperoni came in at 43%, putting it in second position among pizza toppings.


Bacon's percentage came close behind at 41%. Get creative in the kitchen with this recipe for bacon pizza topped with caramelised onions and goat cheese.


With 34% of the voting, salami came in as the second most popular option.

Shrimp and Tuna

Further discoveries were made concerning the toppings that pizza fans in other countries like, which may not align with American preferences.

It seems that 29% of people love both shrimp and tuna equally.

Other Proteins

Other offbeat proteins included ground beef (32%), chorizo (23%), and duck (11%).

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