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What your hairstyle says about you?

Long, short, curly or purple, hair says a lot about your personality. While not it is not always correct to judge a book

by its cover hair style gives non-verbal clues to who you are and applies to both men and women

Women place a great amount of importance on their hairstyles. It is the one physical trait that can be easily changed without major sacrifice

Short or cropped hairstyles on a woman is perceived as confidence if they are slender or fit.

Straight hair is perceived as being more formal and business like especially if cut above the shoulders while longer loose hair indicates a less

Curly and wavy hair means you are fun loving, that is why a person with curly hair is often not taken very seriously,

yet those with thick and wavy hair are considered creative, while thick hair alone shows you have strong will power.

Those with straight hair who curl it mean they crave more adventure in their lives while those with curly hair who straighten it want a less chaotic life giving you more calmness and control. 

Long wash-and-go styles give the perception of being more in touch with your feelings akin to hippy style but medium length wash-and-go style

High maintenance hair indicates you are self-critical and a drama queen. Every hair has to be perfectly in line shows a fussiness and superficial focus on life. 

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