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What Is A Butterfly Haircut And 7 Best Butterfly Haircut

what is a butterfly haircut?

Its stylish finish has made the butterfly hairstyle ubiquitous. Soft layers with shorter crown strands give fullness in this style.

The shortest layer, clipped around the jaw or chin, flatters the face by framing it. Many have described this hairstyle as a shag haircut and that lovely 90s-inspired Rachel cut.

1. Butterfly Haircut Straight Hair

Butterfly haircuts for straight hair provide movement. Layers lend energy to linear material, which may seem limp and drab.

2. Butterfly Haircut Curly Hair

Curly hair makes the butterfly haircut harder since the layers merge. However, it may define and move curls. It also reduces weight.

3. Butterfly Haircut With Bangs

It's versatile, including with a fringe. With a wispy, piece-y fringe, the butterfly hairstyle with bangs may compliment and give you a young radiance.

4. Short Butterfly Haircut

Butterfly haircuts look best with length, as mentioned. Work the layers by removing a lot. However, it may look great with short hair and is adaptable.

5. Butterfly Fringe Haircut

For people who wish to modify the butterfly hairstyle to their face shape, these layers can be trimmed into curtain bangs or wispy bits. Wear it in a deep side part.

6. Medium Length Butterfly Haircut

The hairstyle is a mix of long and short hair since the lowest layers are trimmed about chin level and the remainder falls around shoulder level. For classicists!

7. Brad Mondo Butterfly Haircut

This wolf cut emphasizes face-framing layers. Layers in the rear create a more blended look than the wolf cut.

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