Wendy's Has A New Hot Menu Item

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Wendy's Canada is switching from barbeque to sweet-and-spicy. Blazin' Baconator features hot candied bacon and spiced mayonnaise.

Wendy's Canada believed the sugar coating on the bacon would help pull in consumers with that extra touch of flare.

Wendy's manager of international culinary innovation Hayley Kianoff remarked, "The Blazin' Baconator adds a spicy bite to the Baconator."

This is a limited-time deal at Wendy's Canada while supplies last.

As most fast-food businesses are pushing for more app orders, the Blazin' Baconator will be accessible on Wendy's Canada's website and app.

Wendy's picked spicy beef and candied bacon for numerous reasons. It may be an homage to candied salmon, a popular Canadian dish.

Sometimes, unusual taste combinations are done as a viral marketing tactic.

In the "no bad publicity" approach, it doesn't matter if the caption is "ww, nasty," "they did what?!" or "you must do this" as long as people keep talking about it.

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