Wendy's, Burger King Menus Add an Edge over McDonald's

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McDonald's Chicken McNuggets were a first for a big franchise in 1983. Big Mac inventor also developed Filet O' Fish and McGriddle (which most decidedly is).

The chain has chosen fake innovation in recent years. Its menu includes "menu hacks." Those who desire social media hacks must purchase the various elements and create them themselves.

That's like Starbucks giving you the components for a Purple or Pink Drink instead of producing it.

McDonald's created celebrity meals. These are orders from BTS, Saweetie, Travis Scott, and J. Balvin. That's not a celebrity creating anything new; it's a combination meal.

People remember Happy Meal toys fondly because the 1980s lacked electronic games. Getting a movie figurine generated a high that lasted as long as cheap gum.

The company has brought back its Halloween Pails, buckets too tiny for trick-or-treating, and introduced an adult Happy Meal created by Pharrell's stylist Cynthia Lu.

Burger King and Wendy's add spicy sauce, cheese, bacon, and who knows what else to new dishes.

McDonald's offers Halloween buckets and toys grownups will love until their McNuggets go cold.

People appear willing to queue up for stuff they don't desire. McDonald's should create the next Baconator or a plant-based fast food burger.

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