Wendy's Adding Four Items to the Menu


Wendy's hasn't made any menu announcements recently (sorry, Strawberry Frosty), but things might change soon.

The company will bring back numerous popular menu items and add a new breakfast option.

According to a screenshot of a purported Wendy's email, the Pretzel Bacon Pub lineup will return in August.

The memo announces the return of the Pretzel Bacon Pub Cheeseburger, Chicken Sandwich, and Pub Fries.

The products have been missing since they were replaced with the Big Bacon Cheddar burger and chicken sandwich.

Wendy's Pub line debuted in 2020 following years of R&D. The company launched their inaugural Pretzel Burger in 2013 for a limited period, however it was removed soon after despite its popularity.

Adding a new pretzel bun, beer-flavored cheddar, and other Wendy's classics.

So popular! Customers enjoyed the Pretzel Bacon Burger's bread and juiciness. Some called it the best fast food in years.

Huge Bacon Cheddar had big shoes to fill, and it's debatable whether it did. To make place for the reintroduction, the company will discontinue the Cheddar in late August.

Leaked memo reveals more. Wendy's may add a new breakfast option this summer. Mid-August, French Toast Sticks will be introduced to the morning and noon menus.

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