Ways To Wear Holographic Makeup Trend

Holographic products are generally semi-pastel. Iridescent makeup doesn't require holographic makeup. This purple lid makeup uses three shimmering purple shadows.

Holographic Purple Lid look

Holographic makeup is bold enough that you don't need to use it everywhere to stand out. Patrick Ta gave Gigi Hadid this sleek lid style.

Warm Holo Lids

This slideshow shows Wolff's love of holographic cosmetics. She chose a faint holographic sheen from the inner eyes to the wings, transitioning from white to peach.

Subtle Holo Lids

Wolff chose the latter by encasing a holo lid appearance in a geometric black double-wing tip outline. She added a holographic highlighter for extra impact.

Graphic Holo Statement Eye

Rose Siard often fulfills follower requests for bright colors and finishes.

Holographic Lilac Lips

Using a deeper color pallet can create a shade-shifting holographic makeup effect.

Holographic Double Wings

This shimmering, shade-shifting lid looks like Van Gogh's "Starry Night." Holographic blue, yellow, and green eyeshadows create the appearance.

Starry Night Palette

Remember: You don't need holographic lids to try the trend. Here, holographic mint inner eye accents enliven a neutral makeup look.

Holographic Inner Eye Highlight

You may use warmer colours for holographic makeup, too. Apply Paradise as a wing tip and touch up the margins with a micellar water-soaked cotton swab.

Magenta Holo Lid Look

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