Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe From Ticks

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Stick to low-tick territory

Avoid grassy, shrubby, and forested regions to avoid tick attacks. Stay in the trail's middle, away from the wildlife. Beaches can also contain ticks.

Tick-proof your yard

Even without trees and big bushes, your yard might attract ticks. Keep the grass trimmed and remove weeds and bushes to deter them.

Remove leaf and wood heaps, aged furniture, and play equipment where ticks hide.

They also recommend erecting a 3-foot-wide barrier of wood chips or gravel between lawns and woodland areas to prevent tick migration into recreational areas.

Tick-proof your dog

Tick-proofing your dog is also vital. Dog owners should apply tick-prevention treatments, which may also kill fleas.

Check, check, and check again

Check your dog everyday, especially after a stroll in grassy or wooded areas, since ticks can easily spread to their skin.

Most ticks are found in thin hair. Look around your dog's ears, eyes, armpits, crotch, and toes.

Know how to remove ticks

If you find a tick on Fido, remove it right once to avoid the risk of tick-borne illness. If you notice a tick on your dog's skin, it might be tempting to rip it off.

You risk transmitting infectious infections to your dog if you leave the mouthpart sticking in his skin.

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