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Ways To Hack Your Fascia Tissue To Look Younger

Vitamin C and zinc-rich meals support fascia

Collagen from meals strengthens fascia. Collagen is essential for fascia health since fascia is formed of collagen bundles.

Adding high-quality collagen powder to your coffee, smoothie, or water boosts amino acid consumption, which is necessary for collagen formation.

Fascia-sculpting "facial yoga"

Facial yoga may look silly, but movements like eyebrow raises, cheek lifts, and jaw tightens "may help to tone and

strengthen the foundational facial muscles, which can also help to sculpt the fascia."

Facial pressure

Pressure on facial skin "promotes the growth of stem cells released from stem cell reservoirs... resulting in collagen production, which ultimately results in skin regeneration."

"So anything which stimulates collagen production—pressure, stretches, rolling, self-massage, tapping—can help restore the bounce we associate with youthful skin."

Massage your body

Pulling up your hairline by pushing on the connective tissue beyond your face.

Apply pressure while massaging the fascia throughout your body. Dry brushing, body gua sha, and other lymphatic system-optimizing methods flush cellular waste.

Fascia face massage

You may manipulate your fascia manually with your fingers, knuckles, and heels.

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