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Ways To Gain Self Worth

Honor Yourself

That’s right! Self-appreciation is the first step to self-confidence. How to celebrate even little successes and achievements.

It takes time and mental gymnastics at first, but it's possible.

Develop Self-Esteem

Self-love requires practice. You must slowly adjust to loving and trusting yourself. 

Start regular self-affirmations to acquire self-confidence. Positive comments may keep you going when you doubt yourself and think negatively.

Honor Others

Don't be a taker. Be proud of others too—appreciate the little things they accomplish, celebrate their achievements,

and applaud them when they do something great. Appreciating without jealousy shows maturity and balance.

Most significantly, being proud of others makes it easier to feel proud of oneself.

Be You

Don't pretend. Accepting and loving your shortcomings is how you learn to love yourself. Don't worry about being good at everything.

No way! Remind yourself that you are enough. If you think you can enhance... If you want to, you can.

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