Walmart Is Changing Its Substitution Policy

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There will soon be some cosmetic adjustments made to Walmart's online purchasing experience.

In the coming weeks, Walmart pickup and delivery customers will pay list price for substitutes.

The amended policy will also give consumers "additional controls" over their orders, including the opportunity to pick and remember their

own substitute preferences, accept or reject substitution alternatives, or opt out of getting substitutions altogether.

Walmart spokesperson: "There will be a transition phase." Overall, this is usual, and we don't expect consumers to have payment issues.

Instacart and Whole Foods follow this guideline for online shopping orders. Walmart wants to boost its grocery market share without alienating value-based shoppers.

DoorDash and Walmart ended their four-year collaboration because it was no longer "mutually advantageous" Walmart will acquire Delivery Drivers Inc. (DDI) to bring driver assistance in-house.

The supermarket company recently begun testing Canoo's Lifestyle Delivery Vehicles (LDV) in Dallas-Fort Worth for its InHome delivery service.

These trucks "will transport online purchases sustainably," helping Walmart attain zero-emissions by 2040.

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