VIP Card That Offers Free Burger King For Life

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Anyone who's read "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" dreams of a golden ticket. Burger King has made Willy Wonka's factory a reality for some.

Crown Card members may get Whoppers, fries, chicken fries, and anything else on the BK menu for life.

Burger King has strived to differentiate itself with its menu since 1954. Keith J. Kramer and Matthew Burns utilised the Insta-Burger Broiler when they opened.

The Insta-Burger Broiler and restaurant brand didn't last, but the firm kept making flame-broiled burgers.

The Whopper is Burger King's iconic sandwich, however it no longer costs 29 cents. Few rare individuals can obtain as many for free.

Burger King has offered free meals to few individuals in its 68-year existence. 12 Burger King Crown Card holders. Lucky folks include celebrities and longtime Burger King customers.

Celebrities can't all receive cards. Paul Giamatti was refused one after doing voiceover work for the corporation. Jennifer Hudson's Burger King Crown Card.

She worked at a fast food restaurant. George Lucas has a Burger King Crown Card in his pocket and has done cross-promotions for "Star Wars"

Even if you're a Burger King regular and the Whopper is your favourite burger, your chances of getting the Crown Card are slim.

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