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Unexpectedly Fantastic Haircuts for Women Over 70

Gray Hairstyle

It will just take you a few minutes to run your hands and some texturizing spray through your hair, so even if you're not the type to spend a lot of time

Voluminous Pixie

Some volume on the top and textured parts framing the face — that’s what hairstyles for women over 70 require to strengthen otherwise lackluster tresses.

Silver Pixie Bob

We all know that too much layering is a big no-no when it comes to haircuts for ladies over 70 with thinning locks.

Haircut with Longer

Show off your salt-and-pepper hair with this textured hairdo, shorter in the back and with longer sections framing the face.

Pixie Bob with Bangs. 

Bobbed and side-swept keeps it classy!

Pepper and salt, Pixie. 

This is a fantastic option if you want to keep your hair long yet add some wave to it. Take some mousse and run it through your trimmed locks

Hair dyed silver. 

Have you made the decision to stop hiding your natural salt-and-pepper hair? Transform it by cutting it short with a razor.

Fringed, layered

Short and airy bangs play well with glasses since they do not overwhelm the face but create a bit of fullness in the front and, of course

Wavy Bob. 

Another textured bob, this time with more length, helps bring out the sass and humor. Women looking to keep their wavy or curly hair will love this option.

Stacked Cut

This cross between a pixie in the back and a bob up front plays up the curls in a fun way. Haircuts for ladies over 70 don't have to be boring and basic.

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