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Tyson Foods joins exodus from Chicago

Tyson Foods will move its Chicago headquarters workforce to Springdale, Arkansas.

The relocation will effect 1,000 jobs in Chicago, Downers Grove, and Dakota Dunes. A news announcement says phased migration will begin next year.

The change will create tighter communication, improve team member agility, and speed decision making, the news statement says.

"Bringing our brilliant corporate team members and companies under one roof provides more opportunity to exchange views and ideas, while also

allowing us to move fast to solve challenges and create creative product solutions," stated Tyson Foods' president and CEO.

Tyson joins Caterpillar, Boeing, and Citadel in leaving Chicago.

Ken Griffin moved Citadel from Chicago to Miami because of violence.

This year, Miami has seen 35 murders, or 8 per 100,000. Chicago's murder rate twice that. New York's is half.

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