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Type Of Women Hairstyle Most Attractive To Men

long hair are more attractive

Long, thick, wavy hair is associated with femininity, which may explain why over half of men find it prettiest.

Despite the popularity of shorter haircuts like 'the Bob' and Agyness Deyn-style crops, men still prefer long hair.

brunette are better in bed

Brunettes have healthy, shiny hair that boosts confidence, making it the most popular hair color.

More intriguing: Only 16% of interviewees thought blondes were better lovers. 43 percent of males like long, wavy hair.

redheads have way more fun

Redheads had more active romantic lives, according to a Hamburg University research. Redheads had more partners to interact with than the norm.

The study states that "the red-headed genetic variant gene MC1R may have evolved as the result of genetic selection." Red's rarity and brightness make it stand out.

redheads are the least desirable

Plot twist! Studies found gingers less attractive than blondes and brunettes. When she colored her hair blonde, red, and brown,

"when she was blond, 60 men came up to her, while brunette her height dropped to 42 then when red, male interest languished at 18 approaches."

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