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Tweezing Eyebrows At Home Without Pain

What You Will Need

Sharp, slanted style tweezers
A creamy eyebrow pencil

Brow shaping scissors
A small piece of wax
Facial trimmer

Step 1: Get That Unibrow Waxed

To remove most of the hair from the center of your brows, use a small wax strip. Using your tweezer, remove any leftover stray hairs.

Step 2: Under-eye tweezing

Pluck off any thick strays under your brows with your tweezers.

step 3: Dark Brow Pencil Your Shape

Draw the form you want your brows to be in just under them with a brow pencil, preferably a very dark one.

step 4: Subtly Slip Past The Limits

Patience is essential! Tweeze all of the hairs under the line with precision.

step 5: It's Chop Time!

Brush your hair up and cut any extra long hair using a spoolie.

step 6: Clear the Areas Around Here

For all surrounding areas, use a hair trimmer. Make sure they're all clean and straight.

You can use either an electric or a normal one, depending on your preference. Take utmost caution not to shave your brows!

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