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Trader Joe's
Is Bringing Back Popular Customer Perk

With cheap prices and fresh, inventive items, Trader Joe's may be exciting and wonderous. Now, the cult supermarket chain may bring back another benefit.

@traderjoeslist revealed on Instagram that a Trader Joe's location in Coral Springs, Fla. will soon provide free in-store samples again.

While the image showed a blackboard announcing the return of free samples to one location in October, @traderjoeslist observed that product samples are returning store-by-store.

More than 180 individuals remarked on Instagram about the bonus before the corporation reacte. One person said, "THIS IS THE BEST NEWS," and another said, "I've missed this!"

One day after the news surfaced on Instagram, Trader Joe's supporters flocked to Reddit to offer their comments.

One user noted that sampling had already resumed at their Virginia shop, and another said their store "had had samples for months."

Some crew members who posted to the Reddit thread said the regular sample set-up will be modified.

Free coffee won't be returning with the food because "too many people misused it," and free samples will likely be served at "smaller satellite demo stations" and not all day.

Free samples were welcomed with delight, however other Reddit users were concerned about COVID and waste.

Trader Joe's free samples will return a year after Costco did so. Samples were made in smaller quantities beneath plexiglass.

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