Top Most Effects of Drinking Prune Juice

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Regular BMs are possible

Prune juice may be filtered to remove fibre before bottling, unlike prunes. Even without fibre, prune juice can help with constipation.

Bones may be strengthened

Prunes include vitamin K, boron, and magnesium. Drinking prune juice isn't as healthy as eating 5-6 prunes.

Immune system support

Prune juice provides vitamin C and zinc. Prune juice has immune-boosting components, but some juices have more.

Balance blood sugar

Fruit juice regulates blood sugar despite criticism. Fruit-flavored "drinks" and regulated blood glucose don't mix, although prune juice may not be that bad.

Due to sorbitol, this drink's sugars aren't absorbed as rapidly as candy or other sugary foods. Prune juice's glycemic index of 29 can help manage blood sugar.

Reduced hemorrhoid risk

Prune juice's sorbitol may battle both causes, making it a good hemorrhoid-prevention food.

Cardiovascular benefits

Prune juice's antioxidants, potassium, and soluble fibre may help the heart.

Pre-hypertensive patients who drank prune juice or ate whole prunes had lower blood pressure.

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