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Top Heavy Lips Makeup Tips

1. To begin, line your lips beginning in the middle of your lips and working your way outward, following the curve of your natural lips.

2. The next step is to create the illusion of a smaller space by applying a brighter shade of lipstick to the bottom of your lips and a little darker shade of the brighter lipstick to the top.

3. You may also use the same lip color on both the upper and lower lips, and then add a touch of white pencil or lipstick to the middle of the lower lip.

4. After you have applied your other lip products, take your preferred lip gloss and apply it to the lower lip only.

After that, use a tissue to lightly dab at it to remove some of the shine and to smooth out the texture so that it is consistent with the top lip.

5. Use a lip pencil to begin filling in your lips just inside their natural line, and then finish it off with lipstick to give the appearance of having smaller lips.

6. This is one more method you may follow to make your lips appear thinner.

7. Using a darker toned lip color is the easiest way to make bigger and heavier lips appear to be smaller than they actually are.

This is because a darker toned lip color will minimize the prominence of fuller lips.

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