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Top Haircuts That Make You Look Thin

layered hair

Layers make up a bang. Layers look good on all types of hair and make you look smaller.

It hides and slims your face fat. This haircut also makes hair look fuller. You might look thinner and hotter with this hairdo.

chinese style

The Chinese haircut, in which the hair is cut short on the face, is back in style. This cut makes you thinner.

This style works for both short and long hair. For a more stylish look, brush the hair in front to the side. This is a great hairdo for college.

cheek length bob

Bobs are always cool. This is one of the best ways to slim down your hair. This really helps people who have a double chin.

Being overweight? Get a bob that hits your cheek. This haircut makes you look smart and slim, and it hides a double chin.

french hair cut

One of the best looks for hair. The side hair covers your face. This looks elegant. With this cut, you'll look thinner.

long feather cut

Long, straight hair works best with feather cuts. This haircut looks good on almost every face shape. Use this cut to look like you weigh less.

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