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Top Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners

Eyeliner Tips

1. For long-lasting eye makeup, wipe your eyelids and apply a primer.

2. Apply eyeliner near to the lash line to make eyelashes appear thicker. It's tight-lining. Connect the dots from the outer to the inner corner.

3. To acquire the right form, use a thin, blunt liner tip. Swipe your hand to dull a sharp pencil liner. Freeze eyeliner before sharpening to prevent crumbling.

Mascara Tips

1. Always begin applying mascara from the base of your lashes and work your way to the tips. This rapidly volumizes your lashes while without weighing them down.

2. Wait around ten seconds after applying one coat of mascara before adding a second coat (if desired). This keeps your lashes from becoming clumpy!

3. Wipe extra mascara off the wand with a tissue before applying so it's simple to manage and doesn't clump (unless you want spidery lashes).

Eyeshadow Tips

1. Invest on high-quality brushes and supplies. Aside from assuring correct application and mixing, they will go a long way.

2. Use a nice primer before applying your eyeshadow if you want it to stay there all day and not crease, and if you want the color to truly shine out.

Eyebrow Tips

1. There are several brow products on the market. Choose a shade that complements your hair color and use the product to fill in any gaps.

2. When defining your brows, the most essential thing to remember is to maintain the appearance as natural as possible. Make careful to thoroughly mix product out to avoid any sharp lines and such.

3. To show off the form and give height to your brows, use a faint highlighter immediately behind the brow, under the arch.

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