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Top Colors to Wear If You Have Dark Hair

Hot Pink

Hot pinks and magentas are in style, but you don't have to be a diva to wear them. It's a color she likes to wear with her dark hair.

Emerald Green

Another strange color for black hair is emerald green. The rich color of emeralds makes dark hair look better.

Emerald green looks good on both warm and cool skin tones. Your look will be better if you have green eyes.

lovely Red

Putting red in charge never fails. Most people find red scary, but when they wear the right shade of red, they look great.

Navy blue

Navy is easy to wear and looks good with dark hair. A style and image expert in New York City says it's a nice change from the black clothes that most people have.


Burgundy is often used as an accent color, but it goes well with neutrals and other colors.

Burgundy is more attractive than black, dark, gray, and so on. The color goes well with cool and neutral hues and green eyes.

Yellow Gold

When you have dark brown or black hair, bold yellow gold earrings look great. They are great basics for every day.

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