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Top 9 Interesting Makeup Facts And Myths

myth: Primers Work Like Moisturizers!

FACT: Primers, unlike moisturizers, smooth and extend foundation application. Primer conceals fine wrinkles, pores, and oiliness.

myth: Not Everyone Can Wear Red Lipstick!

FACT: Selecting the proper red for your skin tone is the sole recommendation. Blue-undertone red lipsticks are generally flattering.

myth: Match Foundation to Your Forehead, Neck, Cheek, or Hand!

FACT: The forehead, neck, cheek, and hands have different skin colors from the face.

myth: Lip Plumper Increases Lip Size!

FACT: Many recommend lip plumpers for thin lips. Hot pepper, cinnamon, menthol, and caffeine swell lips. It doesn't last.

myth: Clumps? Pump Your Mascara Wand!

FACT: Rotating the mascara wand in the tube and wiping it with a tissue before applying it to your eyelashes is the easiest way to remove mascara clumps.

myth: Eyeshadow Cannot Match Eye Color!

FACT: Contrasting makeup and eye color make your eyes pop, but you can match them. Myths: blue and brown eyeshadows. Matching hues may be startling.

myth: Always Use Lighter Concealer Than Foundation!

FACT: The greatest misconception! Like foundation, concealer should complement skin. Lighter concealers show dark circles, blemishes, and other imperfections.

myth: Choose a lighter foundation!

FACT: People think fairness is the only way to look good. No way! Most Indians have dark brown skin and use foundations that are significantly lighter.

myth: Makeup Breakouts!

FACT: No study suggests makeup causes breakouts. Poor hygiene, expired, and low-quality goods can cause acne and other illnesses.

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