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Top 10 Simple Beauty Tips For Your Hands

Hands should be moisturized

Apply a decent hand moisturizer three times a day after washing your hands. Use body butter in winter and a mild non-greasy moisturizer in summer.

Hands should be pampered

Get a manicure monthly. Manicures clean, exfoliate, and massage hands. Hands are well-nourished.

wash your hands

Wash your hands with lukewarm water year-round. Hot and cold water injure skin. Normal dish soap dries out the skin and is abrasive.


Scrub your hands weekly with a good exfoliant to remove dead skin. No time? DIY one. Mix a teaspoon of fine sugar, olive oil, and half a lime juice.


To absorb the moisturizer, massage your hands at night for five minutes. To protect severely tough hands overnight, combine your moisturizer with Vaseline.

Keep your hands safe

Wear rubber gloves while cleaning dishes, gardening, or doing any activity that involves chemicals, grease, or dirt.

Trim and file

Instead of seesawing, file your nails one way. Nail peeling can result from water getting between nail layers after a seesaw activity. Trim nails every two weeks or as needed.

You should paint your nails

Use a base layer when painting nails to avoid staining. Basecoats also prolong nail polish.

Keep your cuticles in good condition

Apply a few drops of glycerin to your hands night at least twice a week and wash with lukewarm water in the morning. Wake up with gentler hands.

Eat properly

Diet matters. To acquire strong nails and smooth hands, eat protein, vitamin B, and vitamin E.

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