Top 10 Best
Fast-Food Items of All Time

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With several locations across Nigeria and Ghana, this Nigerian fast-food chain takes a culturally distinct spin on family-friendly, cheap eats.

10. Mr. Biggs

Christine Assouad established Semsom in 2008. This brand's rising prominence in the Middle East suggests international expansion.

9. Semsom

Tantalizers is a Nigerian fast-food business with 45 outlets. Despite pandemic-related financial difficulties, this business might dominate the African fast-food sector.

8. Tantalizers

The Mwedekeli sisters invented Mama Rocks Burgers. Three Nairobi locations now serve African-inspired gourmet burgers from a food truck.

7. Mama Rocks Burgers

This fast-food establishment sells West Bengali kaati rolls. Their marketing describes their rolls as sweet and savoury.

6. KaatiZone

Often touted as the Russian equivalent to McDonald’s, Teremok offers its patrons Russian fare at reasonable prices.

5. Teremok

Indian quick-service restaurant Wow! Momo specialises in Indian steamed dumplings and Asian-inspired dumplings for health-conscious urban millennials.

4. Wow! Momo

This Singaporean cafe provides good coffee and toasted sandwiches. You can also ask for a sandwich without the crust.

3. Toast Box

This South Korean specialty porridge joint has already begun its expansion into the international market, and that is exciting news for us foodies.

2. Bonjuk

Yoshinoya is the world's oldest fast-food chain, predating A&W. This Japanese fast-food restaurant serves beef bowls to all demographics.

1. Yoshinoya

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