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Tips To Tightline Eyes Like A Pro

Choose Eyeliner Wisely

Tightlining is the practice of applying eyeliner close to your eyeball. So, the best eyeliner for tightlining would be one that is waterproof.

You can use a pencil eyeliner, a cream eyeliner, or even a gel eyeliner. Use a hue that complements your eyelash color for a more natural effect.

Focus on Roots

A single flick will not suffice. Make sure to get the eyeliner as close to the roots of your lashes as possible, and practice until you have it down pat.

Curling Lashes

Ladies, tightlining isn't complete without a curl. If you want to open up your eyes and create the greatest tightline impact, curl your lashes well.

Finish with a layer of mascara to complete your appearance.

Choose Waterproof Products Only

Always choose a waterproof eyeliner. This will keep your tightline in place throughout the day, no matter how moist your eyes become.

Lash Care

Your lashes are lovely. If you're not careful when applying eyeliner or curling your lashes, tightlining can cause your lashes to fall out.

Apply some castor oil or lash serum before going to bed to keep your lashes healthy. Remember that even the best makeup tricks are useless without a proper beauty care routine.

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