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Tips For Reducing Puffy Eyes If You're Over 60

Prioritize sleep

Sleep deprivation causes swollen eyes.

Regular exercise, avoiding coffee and alcohol, eating nutritious meals, and following a sleep schedule will help you obtain a good night's sleep early in the day.

Stay hydrated

To flush out extra fluids, drink water throughout the day. Water improves skin texture and reduces eye puffiness. Flushing the stomach balances the lymphatic system.

Cool the area

Applying ice to your eyes can also relieve puffiness. A 20-minute gel eye mask, chilly compress, or cooled cucumber slices to minimize edema.

Frozen tea bags may boost antioxidants.

Reduce salt intake

Diet may also cause eye puffiness. Limit salt and avoid processed meals high in sodium to reduce puffiness.

Incorporate a de-puffing eye cream

Retinol-infused nighttime eye creams boost collagen production. This tightens and smooths sensitive eye skin, minimizing puffiness.

If your eye puffiness is caused by poor sleep or dehydration, it also reduces dark circles.

Try jade roller

Normalize lymphatic drainage and decrease fluid stagnation with gentle massage using a particular instrument.

Sliding the roller from the inner to the outside corner of the eye without touching the skin. Anti-puff massages may also be done by tapping your ring fingers beneath your eyes.

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