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Tips For Kitchen Garden In One BHK Apartment

1. Check the sun: 

Sunlight is essential for food plants. Plant leaves and fruits transform sun energy into food. See the sun in your home.

Watch how light flows from dawn to night in the most lit room or wall. You don't need a kitchen garden. Do it on the balcony, window grill, or living room.

2. Choose the pot: 

Grow edibles in nearly any container. Use old bottles and tetra packs or buy elegant ceramic, metallic, or wooden pots.

Choose based on your hobbies and, most significantly, space. Hang window boxes or plants on walls. 

3. Choose the soil: 

Nurseries sell ready-made potting mix, which contains soil, compost, and cocopeat.

It has pre-made bags. Too much water can damage roots, therefore the soil should drain.

4. Choose what to grow: 

The sun should direct your crop selection. Herbs need 2–4 hours in direct sunlight, whereas vegetables need 4–6. Think about that and your preferences.

5. Find seeds and saplings: 

Your friendly neighborhood gardeners have seeds and seedlings. Better yet, join a Facebook gardening club.

You may buy seeds and seedlings online. Find the ideal store in your neighborhood by looking around.

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