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One of Costco's Biggest Secrets

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Kirkland Signature dark roast espresso mix and medium roast whole-bean coffee are custom-roasted by Starbucks.


Surprisingly, Costco also sells hearing aids and they're produced by the Swiss hearing-care solution company Sonova. 


Reynolds tin foil is another Kirkland Signature partner. Like Chinet party cups, this product can safeguard leftovers.

Ocean Spray

Kirkland Signature cranberry juice from Ocean Spray is tangy and sweet. The drink has no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives.

Jelly Belly

Jelly beans are a popular candy. Costco worked with Jelly Belly to make Kirkland Signature jelly beans.


Expecting? Kirkland Signature diapers may work. Kimberly-Clark creates Costco and Huggies diapers.


Duracell makes Kirkland Signature batteries, which are well trusted. Costco CEO Craig Jelinek verified the batteries' brand in an interview.

Diamond Pet Foods

This American brand manufactures Kirkland Signature cat and dog food. Good news for pets!


Costco has fantastic bulk party materials. For party planners, Kirkland Signature cups are created by Chinet. These summer party mugs are durable.

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