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This Is America's #1 Burger Topping

Burger toppings can become fancy. Some swear by avocado, while others like sautéed mushrooms. Most of us are simple burger eaters, though.

Data analytics surveyed over 9,000 U.S. citizens and determined that cheese is the most favourite topping. Two-thirds of respondents prefer cheeseburgers to normal burgers.

Cheese beat out even the most basic toppings. Comparatively, 62% of respondents like lettuce, 58% tomato, 58% ketchup, and 53% onion.

The study didn't specify, but cheddar is America's most popular cheese.

Survey participants were asked to choose all applicable toppings. Women like ketchup, whereas males prefer bacon. 

Older participants were more likely to put cheese on their burgers than those ages 18 to 24, while the youngest were more than twice as likely to top their burgers with French fries.

Worst toppings? Thousand island dressing, ranch dressing, and spicy sauce were least popular.

Eggs on burgers are more popular than spicy sauce. 1% of respondents don't put any toppings on their burgers (brave), while 3% don't eat burgers.

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