Things About Chocolate That Aren’t True

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Bad For You

It may be hard to believe that something that tastes so good is not 'bad' for you, but that is absolutely the case when it comes to chocolate

Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, provides health-supporting nutrients, including stress-fighting antioxidants and the mineral iron.

Chocolate isn't weight-loss-friendly

Here's some hope for dieters. You can lose weight eating anything. It's about quantity and frequency.

Enjoying chocolate as a post-dinner dessert or afternoon indulgence may fit well within a healthy weight reduction strategy as long as you can still maintain a calorie deficit.

Eating meals you love to prevent overeating. Eat chocolate!

Chocolate causes hyperglycemia and diabetes

Yes, chocolate's added sugar can raise blood sugar, but its fibre and antioxidants can prevent diabetes.

Dark or low-sugar chocolate if you're worried about high blood sugar and diabetes. Balance the rest of the day with fiber-rich meals, fats, veggies, and lean protein.

Chocolate promotes pimples

There are no studies proving chocolate promotes acne. A high-sugar diet can aggravate acne, but it's not the reason.

Breakouts have several causes. Skin type, hormones, age, genetics, environment, and skin-care regimen are influences.

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