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These Haircuts Going To Be Huge, 2023

Textured Layers

You can add so much more texture to naturally fine hair using layers, layers, and more layers

Wild Shag

Nothing flatters a head full of curls like a classic shag. It's definitely the cool girl cut of the bunch.

Blunt Collarbone

A lob that hits right at your collarbone is *the* most flattering length. Full stop. That's all we need to say on the matter.

Soft Curved Bob

We're taking things back to the Old Hollywood bobs of yesteryear—which means soft ends, flattering curves, and a deep side part.


This chic little number isn't going anywhere. It's all about razor-sharp lines and super glossy strands.

Mia Wallace Bob

This Pulp Fiction cut is iconic in its own right. Now it's your turn to make a statement.

Wispy Bangs

Curls love a bunch of layering to add to their natural bounce, and wispy bangs refresh absolutely any haircut or length.

Textured Cut

Instantly make your hair look thicker by leaving the ends blunt and putting textured bend into the body. This one's a keeper.

Curtain Bangs

Perhaps our favorite trend that's been gaining steam, curtain bangs look super stylish and a little bit retro all at the same time.

Mini Blunt Bob

Just because you go blunt, it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice texture. This mini bob that grazes the chin has the best of both worlds.

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