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The Top 5 Hairstyles For Bridesmaids

Braided headband

Some of the hair around the face is knotted in the same way as the half up, half down.

French braids and regular braids are tied at the back of the head, so the hair is loose. This hairstyle for bridesmaids looks like a hairband.

Side swept

This hairstyle for bridesmaids pulls hair to one side and pins free curls that fall down.

The hair can be partly braided up to the ear and then let down in waves. The height of the top adds to its charm.

Side up do

You have side-pinned hair. The bun could be messy, neat, straight, or lower at the back. This bridesmaid style makes the neck look longer and more beautiful.

Messy bun

This haircut for bridesmaids is famous. Ends that have been curled are put into an open bun and held in place at the back of the head.

It is charming because, unlike a traditional bun, its ends are twisted and it doesn't have a set form.

Half up half down

Because of what she wears and how she cuts her hair, Pippa Middleton may be the most well-known girl since the royal wedding.

Start by giving her hair free waves. Use a nice thing to pin a small amount of hair from each side of your ear to the middle.

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