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The Top 10 Hairstyles That Never Age

Tousled Pixie

Break up the mini-layers with style paste or pomade for a sensual, edgy appearance. Use a small amount to separate and texture your hair. It's right if it's messy.

Crop With Bangs

Kris Jenner and Robin Wright wear their long bangs over the forehead, Christine Lagarde and Carrie-Anne Moss wear them to the side, while Emma Thompson wears them up and off the face.

Longish Hair

Long-hair lifers can survive with a realistic below-the-collarbone length. Add movement with long face-framing layers, a fluffy fringe, or beachy waves to appear trendy.

Curly Ringlets

Let luscious, naturally corkscrew manes like Melina Kanakaredes, Andie MacDowell, Susan Sarandon, Bebe Neuwirth, and Halle Berry (2017 Oscars) be themselves.

Classic Bob

It gives the face a sharp framing when we need it. Ellen Barkin, Jodie Foster, and Sherry Stringfield wear it just above the chin.


The longer bob skims from midneck to just over the shoulders to give the illusion of lengthy hair. It's perfect for thin, Rapunzel-like hair.


This classic cut works because of its jagged layers, bangs or not. As you blow-dry, flip the layers away from the face to give it more movement and style.

Bouffant Bob

Some enjoy huge hair. This layered, full-bodied bob is midneck to shoulder long. The Glamazons like Gayle King, Christine Baranski, Susan Lucci, and Catherine Deneuve benefit.


Sarah Jessica Parker, Ming-Na Wen, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, and other fast-moving women wear this backup style.

The Natural

Tightly textured African American hair in a short Afro like Viola Davis and Shari Belafonte or a textured cloud like Wanda Sykes and Chaka Khan is always natural and stylish.

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