The Most Vulgar Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius friends always say yes. Their daring has a downside. They're direct and crude. They generally speak what they're thinking—even when no one asks.


They adore language and may use foul language for emphasis or humor. They typically use profanity for amusement, although they may say improper things.


They don't always think before they speak, so basic concerns can turn into major outbursts—and Bennet thinks they don't care.

Disrupting these innovative air signs mid-project is a poor idea.


They utilize their knowledge to win arguments, yet they may turn vicious. When enraged, their language isn't appropriate.

Fire sign Leo craves attention. Pride can lead to overstatement. If their ego isn't stroked, they may be theatrical.


If provoked, these lions will roar. What will they say when upset? It won't be beautiful, and profanity is probable.

As the zodiac's toddlers, they throw tantrums that go beyond rudeness. If they're power-hungry, they'll swear. When they don't get their way, they lose all civility.


They use profanity when necessary. They're not as sensitive as a water sign would be.


They take time to open up and don't always consider how their actions affect others. They always express what they think and don't care whether they're nasty.

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