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The Easiest Makeup Look Of The Summer

Embrace ombre

Monochromatic ensembles do not have to be all the same hue. Why not try an ombre effect for a unique spin on the look?

This could imply beginning with a brighter coral on the outer corner of the eyelid and gradually moving to a lighter coral as you move inward.

You could also use a darker lipliner to outline and fill in your lips.

Coral halo eyes add glam

There are numerous ways to style monotone coral. A matte coral halo eye is simple to achieve.

Glitter and shimmer are used to create a cut crease. This design will get notice.

Coral blush is bold

If you're afraid to wear big coral colors, a coral blush is a simple way to check out this trend.

Use simple eye makeup and bare lips. Only the coral blush stands out as a result.

Balance with bold eyeliner

No worries. A coral makeup look isn't for everyone.

If you want to attempt it, match it with thick, dramatic black eyeliner to counteract the coral's allure. Make an impression with your wings.

Mix colors

Although monochromatic coral makeup is popular, beauty has no restrictions.

Combine your favorite coral hue with any bright color or colors. Make the look as eye-catching as feasible.

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