The Best Lipstick Colors To Wear On A First Date

Red lipstick "increases the facial contrasts between your features and skin, making you glow and can make you appear more vital and vibrant."

Bold red

On a first date, avoid wearing red lipstick or clear gloss. A bare lip makes you appear more polished.


It's natural, and it makes you appear more personable to your date. From light to dark, find a nude tint that complements your skin tone.

Pink is ideal for flirtatious, bold dates. Pink lipstick is vibrant and young.

Soft pink

It is feminine and flatters many complexion tones. "It both soothes and calms."

Elegant dark color. It's a striking color that's perfect for a night out or a special occasion.

Chocolate brown

If your brown lipstick is too dark, add a pop of color with a pale pink lipstick or gloss.

Berry lipstick combines the flirtatiousness of pink with the boldness of red. It's described as "dramatic and mysterious.


It demonstrates your confidence, power, and enjoyment on a first date. Choose a light-to-dark berry color that complements your skin tone.

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