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The Best Facial Exercises For A Toned Sculpted Face

Brow stretch

Forefinger-pushed eyebrows are a popular facial massage method. This may stretch delicate lines.

Circle your tongue

A minor internal motion can boost facial muscle strength and tone. Circle your tongue around the nasolabial folds.

Fish lips

Suck in your cheeks like a fish with pursed lips to exercise your cheek muscles. Smile forcefully with pursed lips.

While doing this, relax your eyes and other facial features. Ten seconds, then release. Lindh recommends four face workout exercises each day for optimal results.

Kiss face

Similar to fish lips, this exercise changes expression somewhat. Make kissing noises.

Smile with pursed lips and relaxed eyes. Ten seconds, then release. This motion should be done four times a day.

The whistler

Two pieces make this one more complicated. For the first, make a whistle-like 'O' with your lips and smile as hard as you can. Ten seconds, relax, and three times. 

Second, grin as hard as you can in the "O" form again, then "pump your cheeks up and down 12 times with your lips still in a 'O' shape, relax, and do this four times a day."

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