The Best Drinks to Lower Blood Sugar

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This one may seem a bit boring, but water is the best drink you can ever consume for your health.


Water actually helps the kidneys excrete excess blood sugar.

if you get tired of drinking water, you can try flavored carbonated water to change it up.

Unsweetened tea is another drink you can have that won't increase your blood sugar levels.

Unsweetened tea

People who drank chamomile tea three times per day for eight straight weeks had better glycemic control.

Many types of tea also provide plenty of powerful antioxidants that can help boost your overall health as well.

drinking one to two cups of coffee a day without cream and sugar to reduce blood sugar increases.


Coffee's antioxidants decreased inflammation and oxidative stress over time, boosting glycemic responsiveness.

Unsweetened plant-based milk like soy, almond, or coconut, because "studies have shown that animal-based proteins are linked to insulin resistance.

Plant-based milk

You may want to limit most rice milk, as those usually come with much higher levels of added sugar than other alternative plant-based milk.

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