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The Best Dog Breeds For Runners


Weimaraners are naturally athletes. Their speed and endurance make them great jogging partners. They're heat-tolerant and active.


Hunting dogs like vizslas need exercise. This sports dog is fast and durable. The vizsla is heat-tolerant and loyal. Some call it "the Velcro dog."


Dalmatians thrive on exercise despite being non-sporting. Dalmatians need exercise, but their history is unknown.

Border Collie

Border collies are highly intelligent. Herding breeds like to move. Border collies are swift and nimble. These dogs need exercise to avoid frustration.

Australian Shepherd

The agile, athletic Aussie, another intelligent herder, likes long, demanding runs. This breed needs mental and physical stimulation.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian ridgebacks are hounds yet look like sporting dogs. Africa bred this enormous, strong dog to hunt lions.

Siberian Husky

The working Siberian husky was bred to pull sleds across great distances in snow. This breed runs with limitless vigor. This dog can run with you in cool weather.


These hardy breeds were bred to chase foxes and eliminate vermin. Consider a Jack Russell, Parson Russell, rat terrier, or wire fox terrier for a smaller running buddy.


Several pointers are athletic and make great running buddies. German shorthaired and wirehaired pointers are examples. These dogs like long runs and warm and cool weather.


Sighthounds—greyhounds, whippets, borzois, salukis, Scottish deerhounds, and sloughis—are good running partners for short, quick runs.

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