The Best Chicken Wings Spots in the US

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Deep-fried chicken wings may be one of the world's tastiest dishes, and we've found the greatest in America.

Why are chicken wings a great snack? When cooked properly, they're crispy and a touch fatty on the exterior, hot and juicy on the inside, and take to a wide variety of sauces and spices.

They're wonderful for drinking and sharing with friends, and they're tiny enough to be a snack or lunch.

They're popular statewide, even globally if you count Korean fried chicken. Best wings in every state.

Chicken wings weren't always popular. Before the 1960s, wings were discarded or used as stocks.

They’re the perfect drinking food, ideal for sharing with a group of friends, and are small enough that they can be enjoyed as a snack or a full meal.

Teressa Bellissimo, proprietor of Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York, deep-fried wings and coated them with spicy sauce in 1964 to serve her son's friends. So began a fast-food legend.

Since that tragic night in upstate New York, chicken wings have become a popular bar and restaurant dish.

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