The Best
Anti-Aging Diets

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The food that you eat can affect your health in various ways, including the fact that it can help to keep you looking youthful and feeling the same way. 

Popular anti-aging diets include calorie restriction, ketogenic diets, fasting, and protein and amino acid restriction.

Reduced calorie intake without hunger is the oldest known lifespan-extending technique, according to Science. 

Modern research have "proven and validated the advantages of caloric restriction" for "longer life span," fewer age-related diseases, and "functional decline."

Good diet can slow ageing. Regarding anti-aging diets, the one "Continuous calorie restriction is the most explored, whereas intermittent fasting's anti-aging benefits are mixed.

It's also crucial to consume enough calories to power your body and offer energy.

In general, maintaining a healthy weight and not overindulging is the best way to go.

Red bell peppers, berries, broccoli, leafy greens, almonds, avocados, sweet potato, pomegranates.

Physical and mental activity help you stay young. Stress reduction and social relationships promote healthy ageing.

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