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The Absolute Worst Exercises For Weight Loss

Doing Cardio on Elliptical

Row instead of elliptical. Rowing increases heart rate and resistance. Concept2 rowers have exponential resistance.

A rowing machine can always generate greater resistance. Rowing is full-body and cardio-strengthening. The elliptical doesn't allow full hip, knee, and ankle motion.

Lat Pulldowns

Pull-ups instead of lat pulldowns. Even aided pull-ups are best.

Pull-ups are stronger and more functional. Pull-ups are more core-intensive than lat pulldowns.

Classic Pushups

Hand-release pushups work the whole range of motion.

Half pushups are common. Full-range motion builds strength faster.

Climbing Steps on the Stair Master

Finally, practice walking lunges instead of stair masters.

Lunges have broader range of motion than the stair master, engaging more muscles while still working lower-body strength and glutes. Lunges improve stair climbing. Lunges don't improve with stairs.

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