The 9 Signs Of Low Self-Esteem

Self-confidence helps you handle varied situations. You're confident and can manage life. Self-esteem reduces confidence and outlook.

Lack of Self-Belief

Life control is fantastic. However, if you have poor self-esteem, you may feel powerless to direct your life. You may think you have limited options and cannot make adjustments.

Poor Control

Social comparison usually lowers self-esteem, yet it might stimulate. Comparing yourself to others and seeing the glass half empty may make you feel inadequate and inept.

Negative Contrast

Low self-esteem makes asking for what you need difficult. You may feel undeserving. Asking for help may embarrass you if you're incompetent.

Inability to Solve Problems Without Help

Low self-esteem might make you talk to yourself like a parent. “You can’t do things well,” for instance. You may find more defects than positives in yourself.

Self-Talk That Is Negative

Self-doubt attracts negativity. You may think your future is hopeless. Hopelessness may make it hard to see a bright future.

Life Has A Negative Outlook

You may find that you try to please others to earn approval. It includes being frightened to say no, disregarding your needs, and feeling guilty if you do.

Attempting to Please Others

You were probably not complimented as a youngster. Studying, looks, or talents may lower your self-esteem. People who were complimented as children receive praise easily.

Difficulty Accepting Praise

Respectable individuals establish boundaries. If you don't respect yourself, setting social boundaries may be challenging. You fear rejection and judgment if you set boundaries.

Lack of Boundaries

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