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The 7 Fastest Ways To Get Flat Belly After 50

Do interval cardio

Interval cardio, or high-intensity interval training (HIIT), burns calories without much gym time.

HIIT exercises combine short bursts of intense activity like jumping, cycling, or running with brief pauses.

Fiber up!

Diets need fiber. It also helps you get a flat stomach by keeping you full. Soluble fiber reduces visceral fat.

Protein-rich snacks and lunches

Protein, like fiber, keeps you full after eating and reduces hunger. Protein boosts metabolism since it requires more energy to process.

Avoid sugary drinks

"Swap your sip" for a flat tummy after 50. Sweet tea, sodas, fruit juice, energy drinks, and alcoholic beverages with mixers include unneeded calories and sugars. 

Calorie shortfall

Losing weight and abdominal fat requires a calorie deficit. Consuming less calories than burned. People underestimate their daily calorie intake, especially with snacks and drinks.

Tracking your consumption for one to two weeks can help you check your calorie intake, become more conscious, and find ways to minimize calories.

Sleep enough

Get enough sleep to lose weight and get a flat stomach. How so? Chronic sleep deprivation is unhealthy.

Sleep deprivation may enhance appetite-boosting hormones and weight growth, according to research. Sleep wellness has been linked to weight and fat reduction.

Keep hydrated

Drinking enough water is powerful. Dehydration can cause constipation and bloating. Water reduces bloating and water retention.

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