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The 7 Cutest Dog Breeds

French bulldog

In the past few years, the French bulldog has become one of the most famous dog breeds. They come from dogs that lived in ancient Greece.


The small dog was mostly bred to go hunting. Snoopy, Charlie Brown's dog, is a very well-known beagle.

Pembroke Welsh corgi

Queen Elizabeth II loved the type of dog that was used to herd cattle. They get along well with other people and are smarter than most dogs.

American Staffordshire terrier

This breed is a relative of the Bull and Terrier, which was a fighting dog in the first half of the 1800s. It is also called an Amstaff.

Shetland sheepdog

This breed of hunting dog, which comes from the Shetland Islands, is also called a Sheltie. 

Golden retriever

The name of this breed shows that it is a dog for hunting. They are also often used as dogs to help people with disabilities.


This type of hound, which is also called a "sausage dog," was first made to hunt. They can be hard to teach how to behave.

Siberian husky

This type of working dog looks very much like a wolf. They were brought from Asia to Alaska to be trained as sled dogs.

English setter

English setters are smart dogs that were bred to hunt, but they can also be strong-willed and naughty.

Bernese mountain dog

The Romans brought this very big breed of working dog to Switzerland around two thousand years ago.

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