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The 3 Skincare Products You Should Never Be Refrigerated

Products made from clay

Clay masks help greasy, dull, and blocked pores. But don't put a clay mask in your skincare fridge.

Clay masks should never be cooled, however sheet, gel, and cream masks can. Clay masks and other clay-based products change color and consistency when refrigerated.

If the product stays cold for too long, it will be difficult to apply to the face. Clay masks work because they slide on and cover the face.

Clay product companies aim for this uniformity to deliver outcomes. Clay skincare can be damaged by refrigeration.

Oil-based products

While many skincare products contain oils to moisturize the skin, pure face oils are usually available as serums with high concentrations of one or two oils.

While a cold serum feels great on parched skin, you should never refrigerate oil-based serums or other oil-based face products.


Balms hydrate, soothe, clean, and mend. Balms are versatile, and most prominent brands carry them. What about storage?

Balms melt into your skin with the warmth your skin generates, making them creamy and easy to distribute. Like butter, it melts slower when cold.

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