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The 12 Most Effective Weight Loss Method

Walk while on the phone 

My phone calls often last 3–4 hours because I adore talking. Walking increased my NEAT. Walking is better than talking, no matter how long.

Use a shopping basket instead of a trolly

It's natural now. Unlike the smooth trolly, carrying the basket takes hard. Use the basket unless you're buying a lot.

If you work at a desk, stretch now and then

I'm always at my desk as a writer and software developer. This boosts NEAT and reduces stiffness and neck and back discomfort.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator

If this is too hard, take the elevator down or up. Since my hostel elevator only went to levels 3 and above and my floor was 2, I did this often.

Ditch the car for short trips

After learning to drive, I drove everywhere—even to the milk shop. I walk unless I need to drive.

Work with your phone across the room

This will make you walk every time you check your phone and discourage unnecessary checking.

Undertake some cleaning

After the maid left, I mopped the floor for my mum. My road-facing room gets dusty, so I clean it every morning. Cleaning moves you unexpectedly.

Get in those quick reps

Since getting my doorway pullup bar, I always do a few reps. If you don't have one, do some pushups or squats throughout the day.

Swap your moped for a cycle

One two-wheeler uses petrol, while the other uses you. I'm fixing my rusting bike.

Take post-meal strolls

They promote digestion and walking. A post-dinner patio stroll under the stars is unbeatable.

Park your car some distance away

Due to city traffic and parking shortages, I've been doing this unknowingly. It's a sensible approach to walk more.

Track your steps

No fitness band needed. Use a smartphone pedometer app. Reach step targets. Like a game.

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